Assistance League of Charlotte

Assistance League of Charlotte

Assistance League of Charlotte is a group of dynamic volunteers dedicated to changing the lives of at-risk children. We have five philanthropic programs:

  • Operation Check Hunger
  • Operation School Bell
  • Mecklenburg Country Teen Court
  • Scholarships and Outreach.

As an example The Assistance League of Charlotte provides the following services to our community:

  • provides 4,000 snacks every school day to children whose last meal of the day might be the snack we have provided in the afternoon.
  • provides backpacks, on Fridays. stuffed with food for a family of four for 100 families to support them through the week-end.
  • dresses 3,000 children a year in two new school uniforms with all the underpinnings, new sneakers, a warm coat and a new book. Several of the children who come to us are involved in a homeless situation.
  • provides book bags stuffed with school supplies to the Red Cross to be taken to children whose homes have been destroyed by fire.

Through Mecklenburg County Teen Court,they give first-time youth offenders, who admit their guilt, a chance to stand before a jury of their peers. They are offered, through community service, a chance to wipe the slate clean with no permanent record.

They seek out and support well-rounded students and provide them with funds to continue their education in a North Carolina university/college.

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