CWC’s Store

Welcome to the CWC online store!

You can register and pay by credit or debit card for an upcoming luncheon or other event through the connection to the Square Marketplace. If an activity is not shown on Square, you will need to make payment as directed by the organizer of the event. The CWC calendar for that event will include information on how to register and pay for the activity if you are unsure. See the Payment Options page to obtain information on using other payment tools and methods. Be sure to provide names of guests you are paying for in the notes section and if you receive an Evite invitation, reply to that as well.

Pay for your Membership on the store, either renewal or new memberships. Remember membership fees paid in November and December, new or renewal, are good for the following calendar year as well. See other payment methods available on the Payment Options page.

Go to the Merchandise page to see pictures of all merchandise and learn about the colors and sizes available. You will also be able to see what is new or on sale to help in making your decision.

The Merchandise page will cover your options for ordering and receiving merchandise. You can email your order information to Clare Dykeman. Be sure to tell her what you want.

Some events will not be listed for payment on the store. These will include activities like:

  • a small group activity where time nor space requires a method for larger numbers to pay
  • a Club activity that is restricted to members only and a payment means is not necessary

Special items will appear from time to time as well.
Watch the Home page and the CWC Newsletter for such promotions.