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Walking at Greenway
Walking at Greenway


It was every Tuesday to Walk the Greenway

We have discovered that it is impossible for us to get together as a group on a regular basis to walk or run. Yet I know most of you do, in fact, exercise regularly.

Exercise is about being able to do something convenient. Walking is good but it can be other things too.
Our leader, Bearle Chamblee, is trying to find the right answer so we can all benefit from this club. If you have ideas let her know. Surely, we can come up with an idea.
One thought, for the time being, is to arrange a once a month walk at different places in Charlotte where we can all walk. A greenway is the best or at an organized walk.
  • October 21st is one – Making Strides Against Breast Cancer at 9 am. We will carpool to the Speedway to walk a 5K or whatever part you can. Mark your calendar for this one now. I will send you sign up info later.
  • Do you have an idea for a walk?

Do you walk regularly? If so let us know when and where you walk.

Do you have a FitBit bracelet or another such devise? Would you like to share info with others about your schedule and maybe be able to encourage each other even though we do not walk in the same place.
Do you go to a gym regularly? Do you bike? Attend a spinning class each week? Other exercise on a regular basis?
What about a little competition to motivate us to personal action? We could each:
  • Keep track of your miles walked, riding or hours exercised
  • Post it to a log we set up or email it to me to post.
  • Once a quarter we would compare results and celebrate successes somehow.
2014 Making Strides Walkers
2014 Making Strides Walkers

Let Bearle hear from you about this and your ideas.

Bearle Chamblee


704-756-7840 for texting.