Culinary Club

Usually 4th Monday each month

It’s all about the food!
The Culinary Club meets in small group settings for hands on preparation and discussion about recipes and food.  Our goals are to learn from each other and to experience the pleasure of cooking, as well as taste our creations.  This is a time to share favorite recipes, explore different cuisines and maybe even learn a few techniques.

Almost anything goes with this group of women. To be the most successful, we hope that everyone volunteers at some level.  This can be hosting in your home or organizing something cooking related.

In the past, we learned how to prepare dishes of different countries or special ingredients, how to host a Super Bowl party or to prepare a fancy fish dish.  We learned knife skills of Chef Bill and went to a Olive oil testing. In summer we meet for a “potluck” pool party and in December we have our Cookie Exchange together with a Brunch.

Costs are depending on the ingredients or kind of event, but usually are below $20.

If you are interested please contact one of the chairs: Marge Dirkschneider or Debbie Petersen