About Us

Click below to read a message from our 2017-2018 CWC President: Kacie Arandas

Since our founding in 2011, it has been our mission to conduct educational, charitable and social activities for women. We now have eleven clubs that gather for social activities.  Just to name a few are the culinary club, book club, advanced Bridge club, a walking and/or running club, Bunco, Home & Garden club and even a Travel club. We have Couples’ Wine and Dine events, as well as exciting luncheon meetings (& a few evening meetings) for 2017-2018!


Our Philanthropic Activities provide the opportunity for members and non members to become involved in giving back to our community. Members of the Philanthropic Committee maintain a list of opportunities for women to participate in any way they want or even get others to join them in supporting charities and organizations. You can join a group sorting food at the Food Bank, read with the children at the YWCA, attend a fundraiser, walk for a good cause or a dozen other things while having fun with your friends. Join in when it pleases you!  You do not have to be a member to participate in Moments of Service.

Many of our members were not born and raised in Charlotte, most relocating here due to a change in their employment or their husband’s employment. We strive to serve as a welcome committee to those new to the area, help them become acquainted with their new community, introduce them to women with like interests and hopefully make new friends.

September 2011 was our Kick-Off meeting as a social meeting to get to know the club. We have been going strong ever since!  We have over 200 members each deciding what works for them. It’s so much easier to remember someone when you can put a face with the name!

So, we’ve made it easy for you to meet our Officers, the Executive Board, the Executive Committee, and various Divisions Leaders and Founders.

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